A Moment Everything Felt Right - Douglas J. Lanzo

Passing under Southern oaks
draped in Spanish moss,
silver-tinseled garlands
twinkling through sea-sprayed sun,
we tracked its feathery radiance
to regal heights, robed around
twisted trunks and branches
of mighty oak trellising
into azure sky, gently veiled.

As we walked, hand in hand,
through this otherworldly kingdom,
an ocean breeze whispered
the scent of coral honeysuckle,
drawing us toward trumpeted flames
of vivid red flowers, powdered with pollen
and flush with nectar, a bright green jewel
maneuvering from tube to tube,
daintily imbibing its aromatic sweetness.

Our souls refreshed, we came upon
a pergola, drenched in sunlight and red roses,
overlooking a gleaming bay
reflecting pure white
dappled red with love.
Gazing into each other’s eyes,
renewing our vows…
everything felt right.

Shannon River dawn
sparkles orange and lemon hues
of meadow butterflies
awakening lush marshlands
with delicious scents of spring

Douglas J. Lanzo is an award-winning and featured poet whose debut novel, The Year of the Bear, is scheduled for publication later this year. One hundred and ninety of Doug’s inspirational and provocative poems have been published in forty-three journals and three anthologies (including Vita Brevis Press’ bestselling Poetry Anthologies, Brought to Sight & Swept Away and The Divine Never Dies) since 2020 across the U.S., Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, Austria, India, Mauritius, Australia, Japan and the Caribbean.  His author’s website featuring background on his novel (available for preorder) and copies of poems he and his sons published is https://douglaslanzo.com

A small business General Counsel by day and writer by night, Doug resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with his wife and identical twelve-year old twin sons, Alex and Gregory, enjoying nature, traveling, fishing, biking, tennis and chess.  He looks forward to connecting with friends, family and readers around the world this year.