A Simple Stillness - Marianne Brems

A Great Blue Heron scans a river bed
with deep elegant wingbeats,
then folds her wings for landing.
Her long sinewy toes spread lightly
on marsh grass.
She stands motionless as in a photograph,
as time slows before prey swims near.

No clicks.
No likes.
No busy screens
or noise inside her head.

Amidst the urgency of sustenance,
just a simple story of stillness
like the last line in a book
before the cover closes.

First published in Remington Review July 20, 2022

Marianne Brems has always written about what she was doing. Decades ago, she was a swim coach so she wrote instructional books about swimming technique and workouts. Later she was an English as a Second Language instructor so she wrote textbooks for use in ESL classes. After retiring, she turned to writing poetry and occasionally short stories. She is also swims with a Masters team in Northern California and regularly participates in bicycle tours. She has an MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and is the author of three poetry chapbooks, the most recent, In Its Own Time (Finishing Line Press) is forthcoming in 2023. Her poems have also appeared in literary journals including The Bluebird Word, Front Porch Review, Remington Review, and Green Ink Poetry. Website: www.mariannebrems.com.