A Virtual Walk on a Rainy Morning - Alan Cohen

In early
To look about
To limber up
In this bright, mercurial, new
Interior landscape
Wet and gleaming after rain

Thunder, fog, and hail all vanished
The body’s storms
The mind’s
All anger, fear, desire
Melted in this sudden thaw
More surprised than this virtual walker

Looking out
Looking in
Surrendering foibles

Innocent and curious
As a child
Discovering his world
A bird
A flower
Growing, flying

Just as it is outside
Where today there is only rain

Alan Cohen: Poet first; then PCMD, teacher, manager. Living a full varied life. To optimize time and influence: deferred publication, wrote average three poems a month for sixty years; beginning now to share some of his discoveries.

Married to Anita forty years. Dwelt/explored/worked in HI, IA, MA, CT, IL, & CA. Living in Eugene, OR these past ten. Has read hundreds of books aloud, saw more 10,000 movies together and enjoyed working in each of their gardens. Pursuits: traveling/visiting friends/learning/connecting.