Abandoned Place - John Tustin

I am an abandoned place.
Perhaps a hotel set for demolition
Or a farm long dead of domesticated animals
Or living produce.

I am an abandoned place
And once in a great while
An intrepid lovely will arrive
With a camera around her neck
And a love of ghosts and the long rusted
And the dead.

I am an abandoned place
That trembles like newness
When someone treads upon my fallow fields,
My ramshackle home
Where the spiders live
And the rain comes in.

What is it about me that lets them in?
What is it about a ghost that haunts those so fragile
And willing to want?
Is it the desire a vampire has for new blood?
Is it sanctimony?
Is it that the need to be wanted is stronger than death?

I am an abandoned place.
My floorboards creak ever louder,
The wind through the broken windows ever colder

While the lovely lady with her curiosity, her timid footsteps
And her thirst for life
Turns the knob on my door
And enters
Without knowledge
But so much bravery
Mixing inexorably
With tragedy.

John Tustin graduated from nowhere, edits nothing and has no awards. He is spectacularly uncomfortable divulging anything personal about himself unless it’s in a poem. He loves his children more than words can express. fritzware.com/johntustinpoetry contains links to his online published poetry.