About Forgiveness - Emily-Sue Sloane

The heart holds the story close.
Etched like glass
by hurt and sorrow
it shatters on impact
again and again.

Broken pieces fall into the chasm
where grasses overtake them.
In its time, the earth
anchors a bridge
supple and sturdy enough
to bear the lightness
of forgiveness.

Told from a distance
the tale grows taller.
The mind redraws shapes
adds color and light
restores a lively step
to fading footprints.

Emily-Sue Sloane lives in Huntington Station, NY, where she enjoys writing, reading, practicing yoga, and exploring Long Island’s natural beauty. After she retired from a career in publishing, she revived a long-dormant writing practice, finding inspiration in the backyard, at the beach, in the woods, in the news, and in watching and listening to folks along the way. Her poetry has won contest awards and is published in a variety of anthologies and literary reviews, including Evening Street Review, Mobius Magazine, Muddy River Poetry Review, Nassau County Poet Laureate Society Review, Panoply, The Poeming Pigeon, The RavensPerch, and past issues of the Front Porch Review. She published her first full-length poetry collection, We Are Beach Glass, this year. For more information, please visit emilysuesloane.com.