All Men Are Islands - Mark Decker

All men are islands,
surrounded by love, hate, fear,
courage and such;
He will get acquainted,
at worst, tainted,
with the bad of life;
At best, he will rest
knowing he’s lived,
perhaps on the edge,
but on the straight and narrow;
In the end,
he stands alone;
He hopes his song
has brought joy;
his light, attracted
more than moths.

Mark Decker is a retired businessman, who concurrently – and quietly – wrote poetry beginning in 1968 and continuing to the present.  After retiring, in 2016, he decided to organize his life’s work of poetry in order to preserve it for his three children and nine grandchildren.  As a result, he started self-publishing his poetry in 2016 and has self-published several books of poetry.  He concurrently started sharing some of his poetry with his family and friends.  Because of the positive reaction he received and through a writer’s group he belongs to in Virginia, he decided that he would submit his poems to traditional publishers, poetry journals, in order to share it with a broader audience.  Mark is happily married to Maureen “Molly” McEwan. Besides his family and writing poetry, Mark is an avid golfer & tennis player, loves to fish and enjoys walking on the beach with Molly and their dog, Winnie.