Ancient Poems - James G. Piatt

Out there somewhere, a long time ago, ancient
poems were tangled among the raptures of truth.

The poems, written with a feathery pen lingered in
the eons of years past, empowered by the scents of
flowers, whose perfumed aromas filled the minds of
bards with answers to lost souls begging for

Dwelling inside deep cavities, which held secrets of
bone gardens, they were found, and
read by philosophers, and the religious:

And now, being unearthed, they can be read by
people like us, under beams that come from stars so
distant they can only be carried in by whispers
through the minds of children, not tainted by the
smallness of adulthood.

James G. Piatt, a retired professor, and octogenarian, lives with his wife Sandy in the foothills of Santa Ynez, California. He was nominated for a best of web award, and three times for a Pushcart award. He has had four volumes of poetry published, “The Silent Pond,” “Ancient Rhythms,” “Light,” and “Solace Between the Lines.” He has also had over 1525 poems, five novels, and 35 short stories published in books, anthologies, and magazines worldwide. He earned his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from BYU.