Awakened Marble - Douglas J. Lanzo

marbled mountain slopes
band white in sun-brushed tones
as pure as snow
from which ancient sculptors
awakened frozen figures

Douglas J. Lanzo is a husband and father of identical twin teenage sons, who are internationally published haiku poets. They enjoy nature, fishing, snorkeling, tennis, and hiking. Doug also enjoys regularly losing in chess to his son, Gregory, who has won professional tournaments and even defeated a grandmaster. Doug is an American poet and novelist whose Newbery-nominated, debut novel, The Year of the Bear, won the 2023 Ames Awards for Young Adult Books, was named a Finalist for the 2023 Hawthorne Prize and was a 2022 Firebird Award winner. He is also the author of I Have Lived, a romance suspense novella that will be released internationally in early 2024. Over 360 of Doug’s poems have been published in 71 literary journals and anthologies around the world. His website, with book information and published poems by his twin sons and himself, is located at