Behind the Haze of the Heat - Kevin M. Scott

In the still, thick summer air
crows call to each other
from the trees,
voices like monkeys, wild birds of paradise,
simulacra of a tropical jungle,
reality slips away
and fantasy bubbles up,
popping at the surface,
the air green and yellow,
ants abound on the forest floor,
millions of minuscule steps
like distant rain drops
pattering the leaves,
spider webs weave through branches
and catch light
in beaded pearls,
humidity collects around my eyes
but even with the weight
of salty sweat
nothing falls to the ground,
breath forces its way into my lungs
and hovers under my nose,
the pools of water
are long gone,
I fade in with the light
and the glimpses of life
and I too feel I will
evaporate soon,
a rock shifts under foot,
tumbles down the path,
resounding bass rattles
through my ribs
and grips my chest,
muffled eternal echo,
folds in on itself,
dissipates like fog,
the crows’ infinite chatter
a breeze lifts lazily off the ground,
slow, silent minutes,
lie down.

Kevin M. Scott is a doctoral student in psychology and is starting to pursue his love of publishing poetry again after a lengthy hiatus. He enjoys spending his free time hiking, buying used books, and cooking mediocre but exciting meals. He is also particularly fond of Star Wars novels, folk music, and local breweries. His most recent work can be found in The Magnolia Review.