Bonded - George Cassidy Payne

by family and the land
they killed for, yet here
to leave at any moment  ̶
without a trace, I was born
on the borders of clouds, missing
everything that touches the earth

George Cassidy Payne is originally from the Adirondack Mountain Region of Upstate New York. He now lives and works in the City of Rochester, New York. George is a poet, photographer, essayist, professor of philosophy, and social worker. His poetry has appeared in a variety of journals and magazines, including Chronogram Magazine, Allegro Poetry Journal, Mojave Heart, Red Porch Review, Albany Up the River Poets Journal, Teahouse, The Adirondack Almanack, The Mindful Word, Talker of the Town, Pulsar, Moria Poetry Journal, Ampersand Literary Review, and others.