Brother - Hannah Jane Weber

We grew up in the same home,
experienced it together with different eyes,
and became two worlds woven with each other’s threads.

I wear your nonchalance and humor on rough days,
days the threads feel loose and I am lost.

Whenever I am overjoyed with this world
I’ve been spun into,
it’s your swagger that shapes my gait.

Each time we say goodbye, your hug adds another thread
to the fabric bridging our distance.

The bridge grows longer with each “See you soon,”
and it’s tough to tell whose heart belongs to whom,
whose sorrow is storming across my face
as we turn away from each other
and start the long walk home.

Hannah Jane Weber’s poetry has been published in numerous journals including, I-70 Review, Plainsongs, The Poeming Pigeon, Ponder Review, Rosebud, and Slippery Elm. She is also a recipient of the Dylan Thomas American Poet Prize. Hannah Jane is a children’s librarian and tennis enthusiast. She lives with her husband and their golden retrievers.