Conjoined - Beth Lynn Clegg

Bound together
sharing smiles
tears   pain   love
they lay connected
toes touching
heart beating as one
before drifting into
dreamless separation.

An inner voice
no surgery
could remove
one embraced
his birth-mates
spirit then
slipped back
into the mist.

Forever altered
one survived
to cherish
a part of
that would
be there.

Beth Lynn Clegg of Houston is 90 years young, a fourth generation Texan who enrolled in a creative writing class after retiring from other endeavors. She has been published in a variety of local, national and international genres; read on NPR, locally, and elsewhere. Her essay on democratic ideas and practices placed third in a Bryan, Texas writer’s contest and was read in the library prior to being placed in the permanent archives of the Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station. When she’s not reading, writing, solving jigsaw puzzles, or watching TV, she may be found in the kitchen preparing a favorite dish. Her open door is an invitation for neighbors in other apartments to come in and “sit a spell.” She especially enjoys a long-distance phone call from her daughter and any time with her son or his family.