Crunch Time - Emily-Sue Sloane

My mind,
jumpy as a cricket on the loose,
lists the outdoor chores
piling up against my fence
of resistance.

A chill wind scatters them
across the lawn again,
shows I’ve missed my chance
to clear, stow and batten down
within the shrinking circle
of the autumn sun.

Frigid air resets my focus
and my wardrobe.
I tackle just the essentials;
the rest will wait
for the spring cleanup  ̶
unless new shoots
beat me to it.

I draw a curtain too sheer
to block out the dread
that rides in on
winter’s icy coattails.

Emily-Sue Sloane ( lives in Huntington Station, NY. Writing helps her to appreciate life, especially in a pandemic. She finds inspiration in the backyard, at the beach, in the woods, and in watching and listening to people along the way. Her poems have appeared in print and online journals and anthologies, including Amethyst Review; Corona, a Walt Whitman Birthplace collaborative anthology; Front Porch Review; Hope, a CAW AnthologyShot Glass Journal; Suffolk County Poetry Review; The Long Island Quarterly; and the Boston Literary Magazine.