Cynthia - Kay Kestner

That is the best I can explain
about the way her fingers touched the keys.
She only played once for me on an old piano
in her mother’s living room. I sat
in a folding chair beside her,
not really listening,
just watching her hands, strong wings.
I always wanted something solid,
some kind of evidence as to why
she was beautiful. There were so many reasons,
but I could never explain any of them.
Until she played that day
and I found one.
Her hands
when she played
were perfect lace.

Kay Kestner grew up working at her family’s store in New Jersey. She’s an internationally published poet and the editor of Poetry Breakfast. Her screenplay, “Art Never Lies,” was a 2022 finalist in the Bigfoot Collaboration with Trinity College Dublin Screenwriting Contest. You can learn more about her work at