Dark Symphony - Peycho Kanev

Fat silence falls down only to be cut into pieces
by the crickets.
The moon rises slowly, like a cuddly pincushion,
between the pine’s branches. Somewhere
a heavy paw snaps a twig, elsewhere – darkness
hides inside itself.

And music starts to play. And everything else ends.

Peycho Kanev is the Editor-in-Chief of Kanev Books. His poems have appeared in more than 500 literary magazines, such as: Poetry Quarterly, Evergreen Review, Front Porch Review, The Monarch Review, The Coachella Review, Third Wednesday, The Cleveland Review, Loch Raven Review, In Posse Review, Mascara Literary Review and many others. He was nominated for the Pushcart Award and Best of the Net and lives in Chicago. His poetry collection Bone Silence was released in September, 2010, by Desperanto Publishing Group. A new collection of his poetry, Requiem for One Night, was published by Desperanto Publishing Group in 2012.