Doppelganger - Terri Watrous Berry

Terri Watrous Berry explored various creative genres before settling on poetry in mid-life. Violin and clarinet lessons in school were followed by learning rudimentary guitar with the help of her big brother, which ushered in several years of songwriting and garnered her a few awards from Nashville’s American Song Festival. 

A bit of a late bloomer, she didn’t begin to sing in a garage band until foraging into her thirties, didn’t receive her BA degree until the year she turned forty-five, coincidentally the same year the youngest of her three children graduated high school, and didn’t begin submitting her work, poetry or prose, until forty was just out of sight. 

Now a septuagenarian with numerous publications to her credit, several last year with three more on deck for 2023, she is greatly pleased when one of her photographs is found worthy of sharing with the world.