Celestial Skiff - Ellen Chia

Smoothed, polished
As if from an afterlife
Remnant of a whale
To a flawless
Pearlescent gleam;
She emerges like a
Bone carving of a skiff

Anchoring awhile
On the lightening roseate sea
Skimmed by flocks and
First trills.
And I watch her
Till she goes adrift
Farther, deeper
From the glare and clamor
Chasing, closing
In around her.

Ellen Chia lives in Thailand and enjoys going on solitary walks in woodlands and along beaches where Nature’s treasure trove impels her to document her findings and impressions using the language of poetry. Her works have been published and are forthcoming in The Ekphrastic Review, NatureWriting, The Honest Ulsterman, Zingara Poetry Review and The Tiger Moth Review.