Time Limit - RM Yager

I take your hand
we look out
over the water
so many things
I would love to
have the time to
show you…
tell you…
teach you…
but you came
much too late
into my life
I am in my sunset
while your day is
in its early morning
I won’t be around
to see you grown
or gaze into the eyes
of the adult
that you’ll become
we have this moment
hold my hand tight
I want to
remember you
as a little boy
smiling, innocent
watching the waves
rolling in and out
seeing the sun glisten
on the water

RM Yager is a retired nurse/teacher/photographer who loves to write about marginalized and at-risk people; she loves to tackle topics about over the top feelings and situations that most people are afraid to confront. She brings family, relationships, and dysfunctional people to the forefront, but also loves to write about babies and little children, nature, healing and whimsy. She has lived on Chicago’s north shore for almost thirty years but is an inner-city transplant.


Her works have appeared in Winnetka Living as well as within editions of East on Central, Avocet Nature Journal, Highland Park Poetry, Rockford Writers Guild, The Good Life Magazine.

She is indebted to her fellow poets who pushed her into finally submitting poetry in 2019. She is honored to be a contributor to the Front Porch Review.