Holidays with the Folks - Emily-Sue Sloane

Ghosts of family members passed return
dab invisible tears
mend crevices in fragile hearts
Twenty-year-old memories still fresh

Again we watch each other for cracks
as another fades into the shadows

I look at my cousins’ faces
recall them small
We talk of this and that or not at all
yet know each other well

I used to wonder how
aunts and uncles could boldly say they knew me

I see now we’re of one fabric
a pat on the head
a peck beyond a cheek
a familiar sense of humor
Through boisterous years
peaceful years

A living history inescapable
like cookie-cutter faces
Love whispered in the winter breeze
pulls us together
Separate busy lives drop away

Emily-Sue Sloane lives on Long Island, New York, where beautiful natural landscapes offset crowded roadways and far-too-abundant stores, if you just know where to look. She recently retired from a career in business magazine and scientific journal publishing, affording her the time to revive her long dormant writing practice. She does yoga, walks three to four miles a day, reads voraciously and is always ready to travel, whether to discover new places or revisit familiar favorites. She is her singer/songwriter wife’s biggest champion and reliable roadie. Writing poetry helps Emily-Sue to observe and think more clearly and to frame her personal experience — and personal truths — within a more universal, sometimes humorous, context. Her poems have appeared in Medicinal Purposes, Literary Review of the Performance Poets Association and Creations magazine.