How I See It - Austin Hehir

Is something that I constantly, agonizingly
Rummaging across streaks of slumbering sky hanging
gently across the wind.
In rainbows,
dissected and bare like a cleaned fish.
Their colors fiction to light,
Distilled into deception.
A piano man rattling the marrow of the
keys until his soul is
How I see it,
beauty isn’t what it is,
But it is how you see it.

Austin Hehir lives with his wonderful girlfriend and their dog in Charleston, SC, where he works as a design engineer and pursues his passion for writing in his spare time. He spends weekends kayaking the creeks and waterways of the area. Austin comes from a large family and enjoys outreach and volunteering in the local community. In addition, he has a wide range of publications from poems to NASA technical papers. He is currently working on his novel, Angels in the Oaks, while also pursuing his poetry.