Sacred Smoke - Wally P.

The Circle of Sacred Smoke was created by Japanese artist Junkyu Muto in 2008. It is one of three sculptures of Muto’s International Peace Project. Muto’s sculptures are at significantly spiritual places around the world. They are also at Vatican City, Rome, and Bodh Gaya, India, where the Buddha reached enlightenment.

 The stone used in the sculpture and the black granite base come from Italy’s Fantiscritti Quarry, the source of Michelangelo’s marble. The sculpture’s stone base comes from the Crazy Horse memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Over 20 tribes consider the Tower to be a sacred place. This was the location where White Buffalo Calf Woman delivered the first sacred pipe to the Lakota people. The Circle of Sacred Smoke represents a puff of smoke from a ceremonial pipe used by Native American people.

Wally P. recently joined the ranks of the Elders and departed the concrete backdrops of urban domains. He now spends half his time – “3 months on; 3 months off” – freely traversing the network of back roads which connect rural western America. He calls Colorado a “Base Camp” for those times off the road.

With only storm fronts dictating his departure, he easily finds quality time for photographing interesting pieces of many milestones.  Each photo attempts to entertain and educate with the belief that, indeed, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Always off the beaten path, the back roads of the Great West are his frame for a canvas of interesting sites, beautiful views and the just plain curious.