Alone - Rita Yager

here I sit
no needs
the sun, air,
floating clouds
my companions
unrestricted views
different horizons
every season
changing colors of water
waves roll in and out
on the beach before me
in fall and winter
I was forced to
stand in howling winds
with naked branches
summer has finally arrived
I now stand dressed in green

am I sad being alone?

RM Yager is a nurse/teacher who writes about marginalized and at-risk people, and who loves to tackle controversial topics about over the top feelings that most people are afraid to admit. She brings family, dysfunctional people and relationships to the forefront, but also loves to write about little children, healing, nature and whimsy.

She is indebted to all her poetry comrades from the Deerfield Poets Group who have mentored and encouraged her for the past ten years. She has lived in the North Shore most of her adult life, but is an inner-city transplant.

Her works have appeared in East on Central, Avocet Nature Journal, Highland Park Poetry Muses Gallery, Rockford Writers Guild Members Edition, Winnetka Press, and The Good Life Magazine. She also has work appearing in an upcoming edition of The Blue Collar Review.