Before We Changed - Joanna M. Weston

once we were human
born and lived on earth
walked in skin and sorrow

saw our planet
turn sour and raging
acrid rivers
foaming with pollutants
trees burned by pesticides
or lit by insistence
on freedom to toss smokes
from speeding cars

spoiled by greed
and a splendid inertia
that allowed rape of the land
pesticides and clear-cuts

yes once we were humane
with conscience and compassion
but we shed them
and gained a naked planet

Joanna M. Weston can’t remember a time when she wasn’t writing poetry but became a ‘closet poet’ due to school bullying until she ‘came out’ in the 1980’s. She hasn’t stopped yet. She combines her writing with gardening, ably assisted by deer, raccoons, and other wild creatures. Family, assorted cats, and photography also keep her busy. She has had poetry, reviews, and short stories published in anthologies and journals for twenty-five years. Her middle-reader: Those Blue Shoes, published by Clarity House Press. Poetry: A Summer Father, published by Frontenac House of Calgary. Her eBook: ‘The Willow Tree Girl” at her blog