The Skin of God - George Cassidy Payne

Blooming under
a deep, gold bar

mahogany squash
color, containing the

cherished dew of
midnight’s tears

we need the entangled
silence of soil. The source

of the Sequoias and the
bones of eternal Prague

daffodils laced with the
benign clarity of liquefying

moonlight, and Bull Nose peppers
seeking atonement in erotic rage

feeding from the palms of strangers
we need the soil, the stripped out

            skin of God

George Cassidy Payne is an essayist and poet from Rochester, New York. His work has been included in such publications as the Hazmat Review, MORIA Poetry Journal, Chronogram Magazine, Ampersand Literary Review, Allegro, Red Porch Review, Tea House, The Angle at St. John Fisher College and 3:16 Journal. George’s blogs, essays and letters have appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, the Havana Times, the South China Morning Post, The Buffalo News, Syracuse Post Standard, and Rochester City Newspaper.