In the Chugach Foothills, Alaska - Joshua Medsker

Your air is my breath
heavy and clear

flowing into me, cast down
from Foraker and Denali  ̶
a million shades of experience
worn boot-heels
crackling pine branches
moose gazes and snorting ghosts
distant, swat-pawed grizzlies lurking alongside
and my breath quickens with sweat
imparting unspoken knowledge.

I stand in the Hudson
spring, enjoying the acorn tops
and the oaks swaying on a rolling hill
feeling only warm comfort here
waiting in vain for you.

Joshua Medsker had his first work published in his late teens in the literary magazine at Alaska Pacific University, submitted by his best friend without his permission. As honored as he was, he didn’t consider poetry again for a long time. Joshua was on a mission to be a music writer and spent the rest of the 90s doing a punk zine, trying to get published in the weekly alt-paper, The Anchorage Press. After graduation he traveled, seeking some unnameable freedom. Along the way he worked as a journalist, an English teacher, barista, art model, tree-cutter, and bookseller. In 2001, Joshua had his first publication streak, followed by ten years of toiling in obscurity.  Happily, that drought is behind him. His current companions as an English teacher, poet, and visual artist are his lovely wife Leigh, and a menagerie of semi-wild animals. To see his creative work, visit: