Esther - Michael Rosenwasser

The wheels of this life
spin ever faster.
Ever faster.

The dizzying pace leaves
its indelible mark
on all I do,
all I think about.

Hardly a moment passes
without a questioning,
or concern at the
accelerating pace
the wheels spin.

As it becomes harder
to hold it all together.

As it becomes harder
to hold on to any moment.

As it becomes harder
to craft a beguiling smile
In the face of the sum total
of the moments.

And then there are,

the breathtaking moments,
the inescapably wondrous moments,
the indescribably beautiful moments,
the unmistakably treasure-filled moments.
Missing since this time began.
Missing no more.

As I scan the landscape
where you run with abandon.
Shouting whimsical nonsense.
At the trees.
At the birds.
At the sky.

that echoes its way
back to my ears,
reflects its way
back to my eyes,
radiates its way
to my heart.

The moments,
an instant ago,
empty, pointless,
now filled with joy,
and, your abandonment.

For just these moments
the wheels slow down.

For just these moments.

Michael Rosenwasser lives his life contemplating the world around him from his home in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has written and shared over 1,000 poems and musings that chronicle the tumultuous times we are living in.

He spends his retirement exercising, gardening, golfing, writing and drawing. And he shares this time with his wife of 50 years Suzanne, his daughter, son, son-in-law, and his precious granddaughter.

This is the second poem he has had published. In some ways, he feels his work is done. But he knows that is not the case. There is much more to be said and done.