False Spring - Mark J. Mitchell

For JJ

She works hard, a lone child trapped behind glass,
watching hummingbirds dance out of reach.
Not tempted, but tormented, bent to her task
like a clockwork child, stored behind cold glass.
She feels like an exhibit no one asks
to view. She wants blossoms and light to teach
her hidden child how to break through the hard glass
on her watch. Hummingbirds dance out of reach.

Mark J. Mitchell was born in Chicago and grew up Catholic in southern California. He is fond of baseball, Miles Davis, Kafka and Dante. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, the film maker and documentarian, Joan Juster where he makes his meager living pointing out pretty things.

He studied writing and Medieval Literature at UC Santa Cruz under Raymond Carver, George Hitchcock, Barbara Hull and Robert M. Durling. His poems have appeared in numerous periodicals over the last thirty-five years, as well as the anthologies Good Poems, American Places, Hunger Enough, and Line Drives. He is the author of the poetry chapbooks Three Visitors (Negative Capability Press), Artifacts and Relics (Folded Word Press) and Lent, 1999 (Leaf Garden Press) as well as the novels, Knight Prisoner (Vagabondage Press), A Book of Lost Songs (Wild Child Publishing) and The Magic War (Loose Leaves Publishing).