Flash Mob - Sara Eddy

One kid stands up in the all-school assembly.
Heads jerk. We think of gunshot & blood,
but the boy opens his mouth around a clear bell voice,

and the people relax. Other kids join,
then the cool teachers willing to be foolish
to shore up belief in a loving universe.

They’re dancing, singing, it’s joyful and awkward.
And now I’m crying – no, really crying, close
to sobbing – inner floodgate collapsing

for this earnest fragility, this simple, sturdy fidelity.

It’s kind of just one thing after another, isn’t it?  There’s divorce, cancer, mental illness, school shootings, blah blah blah, but there’s also walking the dog in the woods, baking banana bread, reading the next best book you’ve ever read.  Sara Eddy writes poems to balance those things against each other.  But also, Sara is a beekeeper, divorced mother of two remarkable humans, a pianist, an accomplished cook, and companion to a dog and a cat.  She is equal parts introvert and extrovert.  She has published two chapbooks of poetry (Tell the Bees, A3 Press 2019, and Full Mouth, Finishing Line Press, 2020), and has placed many poems in journals on the web and in print.  She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts in a house built by Emily Dickinson’s cousin, and she is the assistant director of the writing center at Smith College.