From a Dream Writer’s Journal - Judy DeCroce

Suddenly, on this street,
how easy wearing feathers,
hearing whispers  ̶  losing time

images like toys sailing winding roads
piling into the vast wide night
of slippery sounds and a fear of falling,

passages written for different spaces,
rearranging sensible thoughts
to insensible places…

that story it writes,
is left inside my dream.

Judy DeCroce is an American poet/flash fiction writer, educator, and avid reader who began writing flash fiction and poetry in 2006  ̶  many of which have been published by Plato’s Cave online, Front Porch Review, Amethyst Review, The Poet, and The BeZine. Her works have been featured in US, UK, and India.

Her impetus for telling stories was borne out of a childhood affliction where she was bedridden for five years with a then unidentified illness. Because of this, she honed her imagination to build stories of what could be.

Among other talents over the last thirty-five years, she includes professional storytelling along with instruction of that genre, working with students ranging in age as young as kindergarten to adult. She also offers workshops in flash fiction.

Judy lives and works in upstate New York with her husband, poet/artist Antoni Ooto.