We publish thoughtful, provocative fiction, poetry, essays and visual arts.

Submissions are accepted year-round.
∙ If accepted, submissions may appear in any quarterly issue.
∙ Biographical information will be requested for accepted submissions.
∙ If your submission was previously published, please cite the reference.
∙ Simultaneous submissions should be accompanied by a statement stating so.
∙ If your work is accepted elsewhere prior to our evaluation, please notify us.
∙ All work must be original and in English.

We do not publish novel excerpts, memoirs, genre material, flash fiction (approximately 1000 words), reviews, erotica  or works which rely upon explicit language or gratuitous violence.

Fiction can be up to 5000 words. It should be relevant to a general audience, compelling and thought provoking. Finally, it should contain a protagonist with a positive, articulated, universal goal (e.g., freedom from oppression) who actively struggles to achieve that goal, overcoming emotional obstacles in the process. We expect the protagonist’s values and beliefs to be reflected in his or her behavior, which behavior initiates conflict with other characters. Ideally, the protagonist has a significant need and is motivated by a past wound which he or she attempts to heal. By story’s end the protagonist learns something significant about human behavior.

Essays can be up to 5000 words. We do not publish essays which are life stories. We do publish essays which express perspectives about topics of general, timeless interest. That is, we are not interested in essays about current events but are interested in essays about the vagaries of human behavior.

We are interested in poems which contain vivid images, resonating voice, rich language, discernible rhythm and thoughtful messaging. An example of these attributes is Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese. Speculative, avant-garde, experimental poems, as well as odd-formatted poetry, are for other magazines.

Visual arts which elicit the comment, “How interesting!” are desired. Submit visual arts as .jpg files; do not send .tif or .bmp files. Accepted visuals may be reduced to fit the available space.

Mac users, please be sure that your files are readable by Windows 11.

This magazine does not currently pay upon publication.

Accepted material will be edited. If changes are deemed significant, the contributor will be notified and given an opportunity to accept the changes or request that the piece be withdrawn from publication.

Send submissions to [email protected]. Send 1 prose piece, 1-5 poems, or 1-4 photos at a time. For prose or poetry, type or paste your submission into the body of the email message. We will not open any unsolicited print attachments. Photos, however, should be sent as attachments. Include your name and e-mail address.

Please expect to wait up to one month for a reply. Occasionally, with email, there are technical difficulties. We cannot be responsible for delay or loss of submissions. To check on the status of your submission after one month has passed, please send a message to [email protected]

By submitting your work to Front Porch Review, you grant us the right to archive your work online for an indefinite period of time. You retain all other rights. Once the issue featuring your work has been published, you are free to republish your work as you wish, online and/or in print. You are also welcome to create a link to Front Porch Review from your personal Website.