House in the Wood - Lorrie Ness

Without blue,

cloud-saturated sky
is no more than a low ceiling. Weeds rasp

denim knees as you explore. Fingertips trail
along termite siding.

Without glass,

the open casements
are no more than holes. You cannot reach

the sill, so I raise you to my hip.
We peer into darkness.

Without its child,

a teddy bear’s black eyes
are no more than buttons, its body no more

than a pile of dirty cotton coated
in dust and leaves.

Without a word,

you look back at me
a new dawn setting fire to your eyes ‒

the realization that your discovery is no more
than another person’s loss.

Lorrie Ness enjoys writing, photography and any activity that involves getting dirt under her nails. When she’s not hiking or messing around in the garden, she’s working as a psychologist, spending time with her family and relaxing with her menagerie of pets. She was raised in a rural corner of Indiana and now lives in Virginia, close to the Shenandoah Mountains.