I Count the Decades in Appliances - Donna Davis

Ten years or less — it started
with the stove in Mom’s kitchen,
a new gas cooking range,
rainbow lights on its front panel.
Grandpa boiled coffee in a glass pot,
filled his cup and broke a raw egg,
stirring yellow circles into black liquid.

Mom replaced the old stove.
Grandpa’s coffee went with it.
I know that I am running out of time,
the next decade or even less.
But this knowledge is a gift.
I have watched years flee in steel frames
plastic dials, enamel handles.

And now I think, I’m almost through.
How many left? Two stoves near the end,
a refrigerator or dishwasher away?
Will the next one push me to the finish line?
I sigh and embrace certainty,
turn the burner on,
break an egg into the pan.

Donna Davis is a central New York native, former English teacher, and current small business owner of The Village Scribe, a resume writing and book design business. She has been a typesetter for The Comstock Review and has designed chapbooks for winners of its annual chapbook contest.  Her poetry has appeared in Legacy, the 2019 SCARS anthology, the Slipstream Review anthology, Down in the Dirt MagazineRaw Art Review, Third WednesdayThe Comstock Review, Stoneboat, Red FezOddballMuddy River Review, Burningwood JournalPudding MagazineHomestead ReviewIlya’s HoneyHalcyon Days, and others.