Ink Smears - James Hall

the girl in the window stares out
fountain pen meets blank paper
wisps of wind through cracked
glass pane tousle hair, frazzle brain

rain, falling from roof
hits copper, rotting timber
years of neglect

ponders and stares at small gold
frame picture of a house with snow
on a lake deep shadows cover the lawn
trees that no longer shade, shadow
the family’s rooms, windows
her room,

who lived there
droplets pour hit paper blur thoughts

James Hall, a physician working in Chicago, married with two grown children and one demanding German Shepherd who keeps him active. He has interests in cider craft, cross-country skiing and mythology. He has published an epistolary memoir Good Night Sweetheart, Goodnight and recently completed the manuscript for his debut novel Canticle of Dreams. His work is forthcoming in Love in the Time of Covid, and in Poetry and Covid.