Jigsaw - Linda Perlman Fields

So when he left her
to it, she grabbed his pieces
the jagged irregular ones ‒
the set aside snags
that despite all appearances
refuse to connect,
like the disarticulated limbs
on a once beloved
childhood doll
and made a connection
or two or three
where he didn’t or couldn’t
or wouldn’t,
no gluey substance needed.
She coupled alone
joining intersections,
creating attachments
linked with resolve.
She might have done so sooner
but didn’t want to deflate
his ego, prick his conceit.
Piecing it together,
she could see the design
so clearly after he left.

Linda Perlman Fields is a Peabody-winning journalist who never lost her passion for writing fiction and poetry. She’s a proud member of the Authors Guild and Writers Guild of America, East. In addition to Front Porch Review, her poems have appeared in Still Point Arts Quarterly, Twin Bird Review, Poetica Magazine and elsewhere. She continues to write for regional newspapers and is working on a debut novel.

After spending decades in New York City, she now lives in rural northeast Pennsylvania where she enjoys seeing black bear, coyotes, and dozens of avian species, the eastern bluebirds being most beloved.

Besides birding, avocational interests include photography, hiking, gardening, and in the deepest of winter evenings, doing jigsaw puzzles with her husband (who sticks with her and helps to make the pieces fit.)  Website: www.LindaPerlmanFields.com