Laughter - J.K. Durick

Woke this morning to the sound of
Our neighbor laughing.
She’s the one who’s up early
Every day
Sometimes I see her drive away
But not today
Today she is a stray laugh
Laughing me awake.
It snowed last night, more snow
Than expected
So she laughed, caught in the moment
In so much snow.
She’s shoveling and laughing
And saying something to someone.
Laughter carries, words don’t.
Soon she was gone
Work does that to people
But her laughter will be with me
For the rest of the day.

J. K. Durick is a retired writing teacher and online writing tutor. His latest writing project is writing a poem a day during what seems like this endless pandemic – it’s in the two hundreds now. His recent poems have appeared in Literary Yard, Black Coffee Review, New Feathers Anthology, Synchronized ChaosMadswirl, and Highland Park Poetry.