Let’s go fall in love or something - Reagan Sosebee

Let’s fire up the motorcycle and go for a ride
Or have ourselves a picnic
Take the boat out and find a new fishing hole
Nestled beneath an oak tree canopy
Let’s discover a spot somewhere deep in the woods
That nobody knows about and make it our own
Pick a few flowers and get a little lost
And take our time finding our way back to nothing
Let’s go for a walk and tell funny stories
Hold hands and smile and look at the stars
Let’s jump in the car and drive with no purpose
Pull over at a river and go skinny dippin’
Let’s dress up in our Sunday bests
And buy whatever we want
At a restaurant we can’t afford
Let’s stumble upon a park
And swing on the swings
Ride the see-saws and laugh like children
Carve our names into the wooden picnic table
And describe what we think the clouds look like
Let’s feed the ducks and count the train cars
And kiss in the rain with our eyes closed
Let’s forget about everything we’re supposed to be doing
Let’s go fall in love or something

Reagan Sosebee, from Austin, Texas, is a 35-year-old family man with an unconventional writing style that is both captivating and unapologetic. He tries to depict every imaginable emotion from the deepest hurt to the most blissful pleasure. Reagan is an accountant and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Concordia University Texas. When he’s not outdoors with his wife and children, he can be found, or maybe not, on some Texas highway, feet up on his motorcycle. He prides himself on a candid lifestyle and an ostensible inability to be dishonest. Sosebee’s writing, from children’s books to poetry to novels, is passionate and gifted. He has self-published two books to date and is pleased to have found an avenue to share his creativity with the world.