Meeting in Residential Care - Jeremy J. Sutton

The failing bulb
in grandma’s green hurricane lamp
stutters in the darkest corner of the basement.
We meet in secret, frequently sitting around
her mahogany and rosewood drum table.
Her fingers fumble the drawer, opening to the sepia photo of him.
She eyes him beneath the single crepuscular sun ray
piercing through the gap between the hand sewn drapes
hung above the window well.
The sunbeam stretches across the dark concrete floor.
She smiles and looks up to ask me something important,
but pauses, shuts his portrait in the drawer,
then proceeds to inquire
if I will hike to the waterfalls this afternoon.

Jeremy J. Sutton is a San Franciscan. He teaches American Literature to eleventh grade students and chairs the English department at a large, urban, public high school. He lives in Oakland, California with his wife, two children, and dog. His work has been published in the Eunoia Review, Memoryhouse Magazine, and previously in the Front Porch Review. Jeremy is a photographer who never stopped shooting film. He values photography and poetry for exposing our humanity in a single image.