Milestones - Joe Glaser

I just outlived another one…how many does that make?

Relatives, friends, colleagues…once a grown daughter,
people loved, hated, tolerated, admired,
even those casually brushed by
or seen solely in images…

Somehow, despite the sometimes-aching losses,
it feels good to be continuing my journey,
as if I’m winning some kind of race.

Jarred, my evolved mind rejects that dissonant feeling,
that visceral rush of instinctive competition.

Sometimes I imagine humans living on a spiral track,
twisting around and out from an infinitesimal point to infinity.

Am I riding the spiral outward,
towards a mysterious destination
somewhere in the beckoning Universe?

Or do I just spiral into the vanishing point, disappearing
going, going, gone?

Did the ones I’ve outlived skid off
the edge of the road?

Or did they take a short-cut…and in which direction?

Joseph (“Joe”) Glaser, originally educated in science and technology, spent most of his career in computer-related activities. In retirement, he immersed himself in liberal arts and began writing poetry in 2008. Some of his poems have appeared in The Journal, published by Northwestern University’s OLLI program, the online journal Front Porch Review, the online Decades Review, the online Muses’ Gallery of Highland Park Poetry, the published Journal of Modern Poetry (JOMP-16 best modern poem prize), and Distilled Voices published by the Illinois State Poetry Society. Joe is also a candid photographer, especially when traveling, and his photos have been published in some of the same media as his poems.