No Pressure - C. Ford

I’m so green at this, my mother says
on the phone, meaning,
I don’t know how to do this yet, meaning,

Oh my God, sixty years on this planet
and I’m still unsure of even the nearest
We think dying

will be the hardest act, but the greatest
unknowns are right in front of us
when we wake, and we just have to keep

walking into them. Of course
you’re green at this,
I want to say.
Let’s not pretend it’s easy to be

We’ve been living like
there’s a way to be good at living,
but living is a landscape

we can’t fully see, some corner
of it always in our blind spot.
All we can do, really, is follow

the calls we hear to this tree,
that one, this patch of moss, this
murky river, this love, this swift song

from above, get lost, get wet, find
new land, let our lives unfold like
imperfect poetry, get greener and

greener and greener.

C. Ford is a nonbinary poet living in Portland, Maine. They are interested in writing poetry that explores the intimate, tender space between constructed categories ‒ what’s possible when we allow ourselves to expand past the limits we’ve been taught and toward one another ‒ and the raw beauty of the natural world. They try to spend time each day wandering and wondering and expanding the many forms of love they’re so wildly lucky to have in their life. Their work has appeared in Wild Roof Journal, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, and Cathexis Northwest Press.