Noise in the Silence - Mark Decker

If you listen very carefully,
with your ears, your eyes,
your brain and your heart,
you will hear the loud,
but joyous sounds that exist
in silence;
It is a loud, bold tranquility,
a rapture of nothingness
that fills every human sense;
It’s there, waiting in suspense,
for us to say,
“Hello silence, my old friend;”
In silence is the beginning;
In silence is the end.

Mark Decker has been writing poetry for over fifty years. He has self-published several books (see Amazon books: author Mark O. Decker) in order to preserve his words in posterity for his three wonderful children and ten grandchildren. For fun, he publishes two poems a week on Instagram (#okeypoet), and he has developed a diverse following of more than one hundred of his friends and family. After working in the business world most of his adult life, he is enjoying writing poetry and sharing poetry with others who are touched by his words. Mark grew up in a small, blue collar, farming community in eastern Ohio and has written many poems about his love of his childhood, growing up in the rugged foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, life in the country and his love of nature and spirituality.