Ordinary Things - Glenda Barrett

A cancer survivor, I now know
            not to pass over the simple things
in life like: three baby sparrows
            learning to fly like tiny airplanes
needing emergency landings, yet,
            they manage to level out and stay
airborne. A large spiderweb on
            a forest trail clings to the branches
of a mountain laurel, the precise,
            intricate work of one lone spider.
Moss, not dark green, but aqua
            colored partially covers a large
decayed log in the forest. A full
            moon on a starry night causes me
to imagine visions of human faces
            with emotions in its shadows. A tiny,
yellow flower grows out of a crack
            in a sidewalk. Cars drive by, wait
in line at the drive-through, never
            glancing down at the small miracle
within a foot of them. Thoreau said,
            It’s not what you look at that matters.
It’s what you see.

Glenda Barrett has been widely published in magazines, anthologies and journals such as: Country Woman, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Bread ‘n Molasses, Psychology for Living, Farm & Ranch Living, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Deep South Magazine, Journal of Kentucky Studies, Woman’s World, Farm & Ranch Living and others. Her Appalachian artwork is for sale on Fine Art America. She is the author of a chapbook titled, “When the Sap Rises,” published by Finishing Line Press, and a full-length poetry book titled, The Beauty of Silence, published by Aldrich Press. Glenda is retired and lives with her husband in a small town in north Georgia.