Outside the Lines - Kelly Sargent

I found an old, yellowed
coloring book today

belonging to us
when four-year-old fingers

grasped a potential
to learn to shade within bold lines.

I traced the outline
of two tulips in a vase.

Indigo and magenta

and bloomed like you
into a color unnamed

that had refused to be constrained.

I carefully removed the page,
and folded another memory of you
gently into me.

Born hard of hearing and adopted in Luxembourg with a deaf twin sister, Kelly Sargent grew up in Europe and the U.S. She wrote Seeing Voices: Poetry in Motion (2022), a Cordella Press Poetry Chapbook Contest finalist, about her childhood experiences related to twinhood and deafness. She worked with deaf students in educational settings, and also wrote for a national newspaper for the Deaf. She is currently a Vermont author and artist whose works, including a 2021 Best of the Net nominee, have appeared or are forthcoming in more than fifty literary publications, including Rattle and Eunoia Review. She also wrote Lilacs & Teacups (2022), a book of modern haiku, and a poem recognized in the international 2022 Golden Haiku competition was displayed in Washington, D.C. She serves as Creative Nonfiction Editor of The Bookends Review and a reviewer for an organization supporting the artistic expression of sexual violence survivors. Visit www.kellysargent.com.