Pulled From a Dockside Barroom - Ed Coletti

All these fellows met in me are not
permitted to converse for as the seated
sailors reminiscing munch the salted
catch from expeditions lightly fitted,
fishwives hawking hake and mending seine
with flashing twine, have no use for,
cast abuse toward men who husband tales
preserved in brine washed down
                        with hook-red wine.

Who’s to blame them, catchers, caught?
Oceans want the sailing ‒
Earth desires human warmth,
from sitting, standing, lying down,
the planting and a harvest ‒
But oceans only want for sailing and
sailing men to plow that fluid ground.

Ed Coletti, 79, is a poet, painter, fiction writer, blues harmonica player and middling chess enthusiast. Upon graduation from Georgetown University, he served for three years as an Army Officer, then as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and later as a Business Management Consultant. Coletti holds master’s degrees in both creative writing and in business management.

Recent poems have appeared in ZYSSYVA, The Brooklyn Rail, North American Review, Volt, Spillway, Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, Inflectionist Review, OneArt and So It Goes The Literary Journal of The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Museum.

Ed Coletti has written well over a dozen poetry books.

He curates the popular blog “No Money In Poetry.” https://edwardcolettispoetryblog.blogspot.com/  He founded and hosts the ongoing Poetry Festivals held at Santa Rosa’s Café Frida Gallery and Stage.

Following the loss of their home to the 2017 wildfire, Ed and Joyce Coletti moved elsewhere within Santa Rosa where they both flourish creatively.