Short-Term Vacancy - Eugene Stevenson

Does not matter,
this leaving,
this packaging of
goods & clothing,
fragments & futility in
the baggage of
calendar pages.

The body rises with
morning sun,
breathes & eats with
falls prone when
blood stops flowing to
heart & brain.

What of good-byes &
chances to tell the truth,
Does not matter,
this short-term vacancy,
Washington, Chicago,

or somewhere
in between.
No use abrading
nerve ends.
What matters is,
there is less leaving
than going to.

Eugene Stevenson is the son of immigrants and the father of expatriates. He is the author of The Population of Dreams (Finishing Line Press, 2022). His poems were nominated in 2021 and 2022 for the Pushcart Prize. Stevenson writes to make some semblance of order out of disorder, to make sense of the unthinkable, to make still photographs out of the daily rushes. More at