Silence - Michael Rosenwasser

Silence centers me,
brings me peace,
if only for a brief interlude,
until the rumble of the noises
that are my thoughts, overwhelms.
I play a game I’ve created,
counting in ascending numbers,
hoping the diversion will
trick me into peace once more.
I seek the silence, the stillness;
seek the moment the mind
can isolate the bass notes,
hear a cardinal cry above the
wind swaying in the branches,
feel the snow hitting the pavement
as a winter storm begins.
The silence.
The freedom from the noises
that fill the air with urgency
and anguish.
The silence.
And the thought of you silent,
at peace,
flashes in me.
At peace.

Michael Rosenwasser lives his life contemplating the world around him from his home in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has written and shared over 1,000 poems and musings that chronicle the tumultuous times we are living in.

He spends his retirement exercising, gardening, golfing, writing and drawing. And he shares this time with his wife of 50 years Suzanne, his daughter, son, son-in-law, and his precious granddaughter.

This is the first poem he has had published. In some ways, he feels his work is done. But he knows that is not the case. There is much more to be said and done.