St. Joe - Jason Melvin


Puddles gather along the blacktop
Lilies, yellow and white, propped up in metal vases
The occasional wire-mesh Easter bunny on a metal stand
Us, riding bikes around the loop
Sitting cliffside, watching tree branches float by
Throwing rocks in the dump, next to the sign that states No Dumping


Yellow dandelions gather along the blacktop
American flags, red, white and blue ribbons on metal stands
Balloons tied off the metal vases
Us, picking and popping – blowing and wishing
Rolling, barrel style, down the double-dip hill
Throwing up bricks and hook shots at the Davis’s, just outside the fence


Dead leaves along the blacktop
Flowers, some fresh, some wilting, in metal vases
Mary casts a long shadow at dusk
Us, riding bikes through the dump, to the playground
Smacking golf balls off the cliff, into the river below
Watching the neighboring town descend into night


Snow built-up along the blacktop
Poinsettias, potted, on top of the grounded metal vases
Pine wreathes with red bows on metal stands
Us, bundled, mittened and tousle-capped
Sledding down, building jumps on the double-dip hill
Trying to stop before crossing the road, dodging tombstones if not

Jason Melvin is a happily married father of three children, who lives just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  He started writing poetry as a teenager as a way to deal with his father’s death, who died when Jason was eleven years old.  Having started a family at a young age, Jason’s focus shifted from creative pursuits to coaching his kid’s soccer teams.  At the time when he decided to put down the pen, he promised himself once his children were grown, he would pick it back up.  After years of great memories alongside his children, they are growing up and moving out, so he has started writing again. His writing often focuses on grief, family and memories.  He was first published in 2020.  He has poetry published in The Raw Art Review, Rat’s Ass Review, The Electric Rail and others.  He just became a grandpa on Jan 8th 2021.