Star of the show - Denise Sutherland

The chair next to you is empty
for now but you’re comfy in your
plush seat anxiously waiting
for the lights to dim
for the ruby red velvet curtains
to slide away & reveal the largest
flat screen you’ve ever seen
your popcorn seasoned
with salt drips with butter
each kernel popped just right
the chocolate Raisinet in your mouth melts
before you put your lips
on the straw & take a sip
of your cherry Pepsi soda
the sweetness makes you feel
so glad to be alive
Mozart’s, the Marriage of Figaro
plays loudly from the speakers
on the walls & the movie begins
you see an actor that looks familiar
same features, same hair color
same mannerisms
so much like yourself
you squint your eyes
& to your surprise you realize
the leading actor is you
& when life gives you a part
you didn’t audition for in the
second half of the script
you won’t bow out gracefully
you’ll fight till the bitter end
& find a solution in the last hour
& know that the world is a theater
& everyone is an actor on their stage of Life
with a part to play so give yourself
a standing ovation
you survived whatever role Life
cast you in
you are the star of the show
the hero of your own story
where there are no dress rehearsals or understudies
& while others wait in line to buy a ticket to
watch rainbows & orange sunsets
sink behind mountains
& superman fly from the sky
to save the day
you’ll be saving yourself
& making your
own happy ending

Denise Sutherland had poems published in the Caribbean Writer, Volume 35, 2021. Recently, she had a poem accepted by Mobius: The Journal of Social Change which will soon be published.   Reading and writing poetry are some of her favorite pastimes.  She is a native New Yorker who currently lives and works for a government agency in New York City.