Sunken Sadness - Dawn Colclasure

The waves sing a forlorn tune
As I watch in silence.
Cries of seagulls overhead
Join in the chorus for those lost.
Crashing waves overshadow the mood,
White and blue and silken tears
Cascading over gray sharp rocks
Which seem to pay no mind.
The clouds above overpass
And blot out any signs of the sun.
The gray sky matches perfectly
In this cast of unheard sorrows.
What dreams does the ocean keep?
What treasures buried shall we never know?
Each cry from the deep blue water is echoed
With each new wave that pounds onto the shore.

Ever since Dawn Colclasure was told to “write some poetry” at a young age, she got started scribbling poems and hasn’t looked back. Her first poem was published when she was eleven, and her first poetry book was published as a college student. The third of seven children, she spent many car rides telling stories, singing songs, and writing poetry to pass the time as her family moved from one state to another. She finally settled into one state, Oregon, for good, where she has lived with her husband and two kids, the younger being the only one of the family who is an Oregon native! Besides writing, Dawn also enjoys hiking, exploring and creating art. She loves to read, which is helpful as a book reviewer, and her experiences as a Deaf burn survivor continues to inspire her work. Her website is at, and she’s on Twitter @dawncolclasure