Tattered Nation - Emily-Sue Sloane

Yesterday, I heard a hawk’s warning call
high and to my left,
but couldn’t spot the feathered Paul Revere
cloaked in winter’s barest camouflage.

            The ground tilted.
            Nowhere to park my grief
            at the unraveling.
            Anyway, what did I think the life expectancy
            would be
            of fabric
            woven from ideals and solemn oaths?

Today, I see the trees still hug the sky.
I hear the crows call out coordinates
for their next meeting.
Cold grips my gloved hands.
The smell of snow is in the air.
All of that’s normal on the cusp of February.
Still, I can’t deny the taste of fear
rising against tomorrow.

Emily-Sue Sloane lives on Long Island, New York. After retiring from a career in business magazine and scientific journal publishing, she revived her long dormant writing practice. She does yoga, walks three to four miles a day, and reads voraciously. Writing poetry helps Emily-Sue to observe and think more clearly and to frame her personal experience within a more universal, sometimes humorous, context. Her poems have appeared in Bards Annual 2019, Suffolk County Poetry Review, Amethyst Review, Front Porch Review, Avocet/The Weekly Avocet, Medicinal Purposes, and Literary Review of the Performance Poets Association