The Word of the Mists - Sharon Scholl

Always hushed,
whispered like message
passed down the stacks
of some abandoned library.

Mist of time
gone to mold like paper
rotting in the dampness.

Mist from gold-flecked titles
almost unreadable,
having shed even the curvature
of ancient letters.

Mist of memory lost
between the years, pressed
like flowers drained of color
into gray bits of what
used to be.

Sharon Scholl is a retired college professor (Humanities) who convenes a poetry critique group, active for sixteen years in Northeast Florida.  She is an active member of the Poetry Hub, a branch of the Florida Writer’s Association.  Her poems have been published for twenty years or so in such poetry magazines as The Raven’s Perch, Mindful Word, and Evening Street Review.  A lifelong church musician, she maintains a website,, that gives free choral music to small, liberal churches.  She performs frequently as a member of a piano duo.  Her poetry chapbooks, Seasons, Remains, Unauthorized Biographies, Summer’s Child, are available via Amazon Books.